popular game

The bubble shooter game has reach gamer worldwide that is why it is such a popular game. How the game is played is very easy that is why there are a lot of individuals who got hooked on it and furthermore, because of the gradual increase in difficulty, the game is challenging enough for gamers who do not usually play games that are of flash in origin like the bubble shooter.

Other versions of the game

On the other hand, due to the games simple design, there were some modifications and versions that were created in order to make the game more interesting. These versions are a based on the concept of the original bubble shooter game but have some upgrades in them that makes them more fun and great to play with.

Here are some of the versions of the bubble shooter game that almost as popular and as challenging like the original.

  • First we have the Shields of Gemland – this game is visually modified. There are a lot of new features that you cannot find on the original. Furthermore, it also has a plot to go with the game, so there is already a story involved with it which makes it more interesting to play with.
  • Woobies – instead of having a simple bubble, this game features a round, fluffy and hairy creature with a pair of eyes and each of them are of a different color. The expression of the faces of these round creatures makes the game fun and disturbing all at the same time.
  • Jungle shooter – is a forest themed bubble shooter with fruits trapped in bubbles are suspended at the top of the screen which serves as the targets. You also have two native characters that help aim at your target.

These three versions of the bubble shooter are the best of their kind and greatly do some justice on the original version. These games are really worth playing and most gamers who have experienced playing these games had a great time with each of it.

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