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Bubble shooter has been a popular game that has been enjoyed by a lot of individuals since the early 1990’s. Currently, the bubble shooter game has taken a lot of modification and upgrades in order to compete with other games that have some similar features with it. It was observed that, although the bubble shooter is quite an easy game to play, still there are a lot of gamers that are challenge with its simplicity.

The Concept of the game

As mentioned earlier, the game it very easy to play with. The player only needs to use the mouse of the computer in order to control where the bubbles would go. At the start of the game, there is usually a set of bubbles with different colors at the top of the screen. These bubbles are in five or six different colors and are randomly scattered in order to present some degree of difficulty. The player then needs to target bubbles of the same color and group them in three’s in order to make them disappear thus decreasing the number of bubbles on the playing field.

At the start of the game, the degree of difficulty will be set at normal. Then as the player continues to progress one level at a time, the degree of difficulty will also increase making the bubble shooter game more challenging and interesting for the player. Furthermore, the game is not time bounded like some other games. The player is able to take his time in order to use the proper strategy to make the game much easier to win.

Overall, the bubble shooter game and all of its versions is an awesome game to play with. Although the game presents a degree of difficulty, the game is nevertheless beatable. Once the player eliminates a certain color of bubbles then he will be able to gradually dispose of all the bubbles on the screen.

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