Bubble Shooter Christmas is a fun puzzle game for every day

Like most of the bubble shooter game, the bubble shooter Christmas is also a fun and exciting game. Ever since the original game was created, this bubble shooter has been a great past time for both the young and hold. This game has continued to be modified or evolved on any other way but the basic features that made the game so popular remained the same which is really the essence of the bubble shooter game. The current version employs a Christmas theme which is quite interesting to see. However, there are a few new features that have been included in the game to make the game fresh and more enjoyable.

Holiday themed bubble shooter

During the yuletide holidays, a family gathering is always a common scene. Siblings see each other, cousins bond for the first time and all those things that creates long lasting memory. Another thing that we can do during such a time is to play a game together with the family. This is where the inspiration of the bubble shooter Christmas came from. This version of the bubble game is entirely themed with all things about Christmas and it’s quite great to see a lot of colors within the game.

Like the other versions of the puzzle, this game also features the bubbles that you need to remove from the screen. However, the bubbles on this version are altered in order to appear like Christmas balls on a Christmas tree. You can see Christmas balls instead of just a simple bubble. Furthermore, aside from the colorful balls, each of it also has a specific design on them in order for them to appear very attractive.

In the games interface, you can see snowflakes falling and you can hear that jolly Christmas music that is play as the background audio for the game. Initially, at the beginning of the game you can see Santa Clause on a sleigh with that bright red suit he has on and it’s really fun to look at. It really creates a relax atmosphere at the start of the game. These features makes the game more relevant during the yuletide occasion which can be the best bonding time that can be done together with family members that we don’t usually see.

Overall, the game play of the game has not changed a bit. All you need to do is to clear all the bubbles on the screen as fast as you can. This can only be achieved by pairing all Christmas balls in three and all of the same color and design. Once you are able to create a series of three Christmas balls on the screen, it will be automatically removed and the number of balls on the screen will be lessened. However, the game will also increase in difficulty to make it more challenging and difficult. On the top most part of the screen, a horizontal line of bricks will appear that lowers the bubbles at the bottom of the screen. You have to be able to clear all the Christmas balls before any of it reaches the bottom of the screen because if it does, you will lose the game.

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